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Toutaku Chuuei  ( (とう) (たく) 仲穎 (ちゅうえい)? Dong Zhuo - Zhongying), also known as Yue  ( (ゆえ)?), is the leader of the Toutaku Faction and the Chancellor of State of the Kan Dynasty. She's one in the many heroines in the Koihime†Musou series.



Leader of the Toutaku Faction. She was taken hostage by a group of white hooded men who then spread rumors about her monopolizing the Imperial court in order to start a war for the sole purpose of luring Kazuto to Luoyang to be killed. The scheme fails, Kazuto meets her in person and learns the rumors to be false. However due to rumors being too widespread, Kazuto takes her and Kaku into his care as maids to protect them, as no one knows what they look like. Because of his act of kindness, she harbors a strong liking for Kazuto and enjoys being his maid.
  • Act Debut: 3
  • Scenes of interaction: 14

Shin Koihime†Musou[]

Shoku Route[]

She is left as the most powerful person in the government after the assassination of Kashin. Unlike in the first VN, there are no rumors about her being a tyrant. Instead she is simply known to be incompetent as a ruler which causes her people much suffering. After Toutaku falls to the Anti-Toutaku Alliance, she and Kaku meet Kazuto as he is inspecting the city, then after talking a little and meeting Ryuubi and her friends/vassals, they join their camp disguised as servants, as no other faction were familiar with their appearance. They become part of the Shoku Faction, continuing on as servants.

Gi Route[]

She is left as the most powerful person in the government after the assassination of Kashin. Unlike in the first VN, there are no rumors about her being a tyrant. Instead, she is simply known to be incompetent as a ruler which causes her people much suffering. After Toutaku falls to the anti-Toutaku alliance, she and Kaku meet Kazuto as he was inspecting the city, but they manage to fool him as no one knows what they look like and he turns them over to Ryuubi.

She continues living under Ryuubi's care until Shoku's eventual surrender to Gi.

Go Route[]


Shin Koihime † Eiyuutan []

Shin Koihime † Musou -Kakumei-[]

Souten no Haou[]

Son Go no Kechimyaku[]

Ryuuki no Taibou[]

She is entreated by Kentei to help her after she becomes Emperor after the ousting of her sister. The policies they enacted were both well-meaning but ruthless in execution, causing murmurs of her tyranny. Enshou, who had befriended Reitei, felt outrage and moves to take control away from her. First with the help of the Great General, Kashin, but when that failed, Enshou labels her a tyrant and formed the Anti-Toutaku Alliance.

She would then be rescued, alongside Kaku by the Ryuubi Faction, and be under their care, with her discarding her name and simply using her True Name. Yue would then work as a servant/maid of the faction, alongside her friend Kaku.

Her vassal, Ryofu caught wind of her presence in the Ryuubi camp, and wages war against them, demanding her release. Ryofu, who was both exhausted and hungry from the lack of supplies, did not win against the Ryuubi camp, but still put up a resistance. Only after Yue contacts her and proves that she is both safe and happy in the Ryuubi Camp's care that she calms down.

From then on, she would quietly live as a servant of the Ryuubi Camp, which eventually becomes Shoku.

Anime version[]

The leader of the Toutaku Faction. She gets taken prisoner by Choujou, who takes over the throne and begins to construct lavish projects. When the people protested, Toutaku gets blamed for causing all the suffering. Because her being a hostage, those that know the truth, such as Kaku, cannot oppose Choujou.
Enshou, not knowing that Choujou is behind it all, gets fed up with court orders and calls an alliance with the other lords to overthrow Toutaku's reign. However, Chinkyuu goes to them and tells the alliance about Choujou's plan and that Toutaku is being used as a puppet. Kashin reveals to them a secret passage, and Shuutai uses it to infiltrate the palace. Once inside, she sends a messenger pigeon to the alliance. Knowing the situation, Koumei comes up with a plan with the aid of Riten and her mechanical dolls. The following day Chinkyuu meets with Ryofu and shows her a mechanical doll of Toutaku, proclaiming that the one being locked up at the palace is a piglet transformed by magic which can be only reveal by a mirror. Chinkyuu tells everyone that it was all Choujou's doing. Ryofu believes her and orders her soldiers to let the alliance army pass. Soon Choujou heard about it and carries a mirror to Toutaku's cell only to find out it's all a trick, not realizing that Shuutai is using her to locate Toutaku.
While using the outhouse, Kaku was secretly informed by Shuutai about the plan. The next morning, Shuutai frees Toutaku, but as they get on the carriage Kaku prepared, the alarm sounds and the guards begin chasing after them. The guards try to trap them inside by closing the city gates, but Kayuu appears and knocks them out. Together they escape to safety.




Due to her age Toutaku had no sexual experience prior to meeting Kazuo.

Skills and Abilities[]


  • Due to her innocent personality, most are unable to say no to her as they are too helpless against her pleas.
  • Unlike her real life counterpart, who was a tyrannical and cruel man, she is a kind, sweet, timid and innocent girl who wants to help her country and her people no matter the circumstance.