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This article contains plot details from Sengoku†Koihime X.

Takeda Nobutora  (武田 (たけだ) 信虎 (のぶとら)?) was the leader of the Takeda Clan, Hikari's mother, now serving as a commander for the Oni army, introduced in Sengoku†Koihime X as a secondary antagonist.


Great commander and former leader of the Takeda clan. Nobutora became famous for her brilliant mind and incredible power, for which she was accepted by the imperial court as the supreme commander-in-chief of the army of the former emperor of Japan. In the main story, she is resurrected from the dead by Yoshino, in order to restore the former power of Japan by turning it into a world for Oni.



In life, Nobutora was very disciplined and one of the strongest samurai in Japan. After her resurrection as an Oni, however, she could not show any emotion and kept only the thirst for destruction and death. However, after meeting with her eldest daughter Hikari on the battlefield it back old feelings and asks Hikari to kill her so that she could find peace. After losing in the battle against their eldest daughter, Nobutora said he was proud of it as a samurai and her mother, after which it takes its full rest and returns to the afterlife.

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