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For others named Sonken, see Sonken Bundai and Sonken Kouyuu.

Sonken Chuubou  ( (そん) (けん) 仲謀 (ちゅうぼう)? Sun Quan - Zhongmou), also known as Renfa  (蓮華 (れんふぁ)?), is a the Ruler of Go. She is Sonken's daughter, Sonsaku's younger sister and Sonshoukou's older sister. She is one of the main female protagonists and main heroines in the Koihime†Musou series.



The ruler of the Kingdom of Son Go, she is first introduced during the the anti-Toutaku campaign as part of the alliance.
After her defeat, she gives herself up as a punishment for her incompetence in being a ruler. However, she begins to develop feelings for Kazuto as he accepts her as simply a girl rather than a ruler, and for always treating her and her subordinates more as friends than prisoners during their time as captives. It is also slightly hinted by Ukitsu and even Sonken herself that she developed a crush for Kazuto much earlier, possibly during their alliance against Gi.
  • Act Debut: 3(15 permanent route)
  • Scenes of interaction: 4

Shin Koihime†Musou[]

Since Sonsaku remains alive, her older sister, Sonsaku, remains the leader of the Son Faction. Her hair is also significantly longere.

Go Route[]

She is the primary love interest of this route. She usually works on the sidelines, watching Sonsaku in her conquest for the sake of Son Go. However, when Sonsaku is assassinated in the war against Sousou, she takes up the mantle of leader, cuts her hair, and draws the symbol of the leader upon her forehead.
She was reluctant to fall in love with Kazuto, as she was instructed to by her sister. But properly falls in love with him later.

Gi Route[]

Shoku Route[]


Shin Koihime † Eiyuutan []

Shin Koihime † Musou -Kakumei-[]

Souten no Haou[]

Son Go no Kechimyaku[]

Ryuuki no Taibou[]

Anime version[]

Second sister of the Son family, unlike Sonsaku, she is less ruthless, uneasy about herself, and more kind-hearted. She worries about how her sister's wars are affecting everyone while, unknown to her, her sister is doing this for her sake. Sonsaku has chosen her to be next-in-line to the throne; she knows that she will be a better ruler who will heal the wounds the nation has suffered from the wars.



Unlike her elder sister and mother, she does not like to wage wars of conquest and instead prefers peace. For that reason, she has an uneasy relationship with the Go strategist Shuuyu, who sees her as lacking ambition and constantly reminds her to follow Sonsaku's footsteps and carry on Son family's pride by conquering the Empire. Due to Shuuyu frequently criticizing her for not fulfilling expectations as a member of the Son family, she feels overshadowed by her predecessors. She is insecure about her abilities as a ruler and questions herself whether she's fit to inherit the throne.


Initially, due to the pressure put on her as the ruler of Go, she tends to keep away from romance. However, her interactions with Kazuto made her soften up. Due to Kazuto's influence, she eventually becomes willing to participate in group sex. 

Skills and Abilities[]

Swordsmanship: She has received training in wielding a sword from Kannei.

Weaknesses: []

  • In the first VN, despite possessing decent fighting skills, she has not fought in an actual battle. This lack of real combat experience caused her to fail to land even a single hit on Kan'u before being defeated.


  • All three of the Son siblings and their mother have true names have connection with the lotus flower; however Sonken's true name means something akin to "Lotus Magnificence", which is less literal.
  • A few of her sprites and artworks on the official website of the first VN show her with purplish-red eyes.
  • On the topic of eye color, while all members of the cast are given various colored eyes, her (and her immediate family's) eyes being blue may be a direct reference to the novel, which notably describes Sun Qian as having aquamarine eyes and purple hair.
    • This has no historical basis, just a literary element conjured by the author. By implying Sun Qian has mixed ancestry the readers are more likely to not acknowledge him as a successor of Han Dynasty.
  • In Shin Koihime†Musou ~Otome Taisen★Sangokushi Engi~, she wields a tonfa alongside her sword.
    • On the cover art for the PS3 version of the game she is shown wielding two tonfas even though she is limited to only one in the game.
  • In the animated opening of Sengoku†Koihime: ~Otome Kenran ☆ Sengoku Emaki~, Ashikaga Kazuha Yoshiteru summon the weapons of various Koihime†Musou heroines as projectiles for her attack; among those is familial ancestral sword, wielded by Sonken Bundai, Sonsaku, and Sonken Chuubou.
  • For some reason, even thought she didn't cut her hair at the end of the Shoku Route (true route) of Shin Koihime†Musou she has short hair is Shin Koihime†Musou ~Moeshouden.
  • Renfa took first place in the poll of the most popular character in the story company Go.[1]


ai sp@ce, the now-closed-down Japanese virtual 3D massively multiplayer online social game (MMOSG), collaborated with Shin Koihime†Musou for its watergun event on May 25, 2010. RyuubiSousou, and Sonken are are chosen to represent K†M and are available as avatar skins for the Shin Koihime†Musou stage missions.