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For the faction from the first game, see Hongou Faction.

Shoku  ( (しょく)? Shu) or Shokkan  (蜀漢 (しょっかん)? Shu Han) is one of the three kingdoms in China, ruled by Ryuubi Gentoku. It serves as one of the three major factions in the Koihime†Musou series, replacing the Hongou Faction from the original Koihime†Musou. It reigned after the fall of the Kan Dynasty, alongside Sou Gi and Son Go.


To realize its leader's ideals (whether it be Ryuubi Gentoku and/or Hongou Kazuto) and bring peace to the era of war that plagued the end of the Kan Dynasty.


The faction is generally represented by the Kanji for Shoku, 蜀, or it's leader Ryuubi's Family Name of Ryuu, the kanji 劉.


Shin Koihime†Musou[]

Shoku Route[]

Starting out as a small band of mercenaries, Ryuubi, Kan'u, and Chouhi soon heard a prophecy from Kanrou, and they head out to find the Heavenly Messenger who will bring peace to the land. They soon find Kazuto, and the four banded together to form a fighting force in order to help repel the Yellow Turban Army, serving under Kousonsan, a former classmate of Ryuubi. It is here that they meet Chou'un, who is a part of Kousonsan's army, and Shokatsuryou and Houtou, who they met on the way.

After the war against the Yellow Turban Army settled, the group was given a small territory to rule over, and they started increasing their forces.

The faction also participated in the Anti-Toutaku Alliance, aiming to bring down the perceived tyrannical rule of Toutaku. Although initially viewed as weak, the faction eventually grew to become a rather formidable fighting force, and were given new lands to rule. Gi, however, soon invaded the budding faction, forcing the group to migrate southwest, forming the region that is referred to as Shoku. Here, they began shoring up their resources for the inevitable fight against Gi, forming what is to be known as the Three Kingdoms Strategy. Colluding with Go, they brought down Gi's forces down to the same level as their own. With some negotiations between Ryuubi and Sousou, as well as an interference in the form of an invasion by outsiders, the Goko, the three kingdoms of Shoku, Gi, and Go agrees on remaining separate kingdoms, allying together against the outside threat.

Gi Route[]

During this route, the Shoku faction serves as the primary antagonist against Gi. In this route, the faction that would eventually be known as Shoku is driven off from their original land by being in constant siege from Enshou and Enjutsu. They asked for Sousou's permission to pass by her territory to get to the land that will eventually be nown as Shoku. Sousou agrees on the condition that the faction hands over Kan'u to them, upon which Ryuubi refused. After the two's goals and dreams proved to clash with the other's, Sousou angrily allows them to pass by with only the warning that her Gi will eventually come to crush them as well.

Shoku, from then on, openly plots against Gi, to try and destroy the threat of invasion from the superpower. It comes to a head when Gi decides to attack Go first. Shoku and Go tries to fool the Gi troops into chaining their boats together, but, due to Kazuto's foreknowledge, Gi managed to turn the plan into their favor, by making the chains easily detachable. This plan resulted in one of Go's Veteran Generals, Kougai, dying, and the loss of Go, whose people and officers retreated to Shoku territory, where they were granted asylum. Shoku became the last remaining barrier to Gi's conquest, and was soon overwhelmed by Gi's sheer might. Due to this, Gi became the ruling nation of the continent. However, the leaders of Shoku and Go retain their positions as rulers of their locations, only now having to recognize Sousou as their superior.

Go Route[]

In this route, Shoku itself is not formally formed in the course of the story, instead being a faction centering at Joshuu, as Ryuubi was never forced to migrate to the land that would eventually be called Shoku. The faction is first encountered during the Anti-Toutaku Alliance. Upon Ryuubi meeting Sonsaku, the two's conversation lead to an agreement of an alliance between the two factions. But upon Sonsaku's death, Ryuubi's faction decided to cut ties with Go, under the reason that they do not know the nature of the new leader, Sonken Chuubou.

This broken alliance led to animosity when Ryuubi grants asylum to Ryofu, a wandering general who attacked Go's capital during Go's time of weakness. Embittered by this, Go and Joshuu became enemies in war. But before they could decide a winner between both factions, Gi attacks, and Sonken asks for an alliance between the two factions in order to repel their hated enemy. Agreeing to this, Ryuubi's faction and Go worked together and successfully driven off Sousou, who retreated to another land. At the end of the route, the continent is ruled by the two factions of Go and Shoku.

Moe Shouden[]

The continent is united under the rule of the Three Kingdoms of Shoku, Gi, and Go, each country respectively ruled by Ryuubi, Sousou, and Sonken, with Kazuto as the lynchpin and symbol of peace, living in a central area, between the three kingdoms. The leaders and key personnel of the Three Kingdoms also live alongside him, only leaving their trusted seconds to do the management of the territories, in order to remain close to Kazuto.

Shin Koihime†Eiyuutan[]

The continent is united under the rule of the Three Kingdoms of Shoku, Gi, and Go, each country ruled by Ryuubi, Sousou, and Sonken, respectively, with Kazuto serving as a lynchpin for the three territories.

Shin Koihime†Eiyuutan 1: Shoku[]

Aisha Chapter[]

This is a chapter about Aisha and Kazuto's trip from Gi to Shoku, loosely based on the story from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Guan Yu's Thousand Li Journey.

Sui Chapter[]

This chapter introduces Bachou Mouki's siblings, Bakyuu and Batetsu. It revolves around the Ba siblings returning to Seiryou, and Bachou contemplating taking up her mother's mantle as ruler of the area.

Sei Chapter[]

This chapter mostly focuses on Sei's pregnancy.

Shin Koihime†Eiyuutan 2: Gi and Shin Koihime†Eiyuutan 2: Go[]

The games largely focus on the other two kingdoms, and have little to do with Shoku, save for a character appearing for a few scenes.

Shin Koihime†Musou -Kakumei-[]

Ryuuki no Taibou[]

While their role in this game largely resembles the Shoku Route from the original Shin Koihime†Musou, there are some differences unique to this Visual Novel as compared to Shin Koihime†Musou.

Ryuubi, Kan'u, and Chouhi find Kazuto, and together, they banded together to form a militia against the encroaching Yellow Turbans. They meet Kakuka and Batai early into their career. They would also meet Bijiku and Bihou, who would eventually join them. The budding faction would then help ending the Yellow Turban Rebellion.

They would then be stationed at Seishuu until they receive a summons to join a coalition against the tyranny of Toutaku. However, they would be implored by Roshoku to save Toutaku instead. Honoring the words of Ryuubi's former teacher, they would save Toutaku and Kaku from death by disguising them as servants.

Ryofu, having heard news of Toutaku and Kaku's newfound position and assuming that they have been captured as Prisoners of War, would then rush to their rescue, fighting the faction until Ryofu's hunger and Toutaku's pleas wins her over. Ryofu then joins the new faction.

The faction would then be forced to migrate to Ekishuu (with some assistance from Kouso). Allying with Gengan and Gien, they would march to take the province as their home base. They would then face bitter opposition against Kouchuu Kanshou as well as the province's newly recruited Ba Family, as they have recently been ousted from Seiryou by Sousou Moutoku. The faction would then convince them to join their forces instead of opposing them, involving even a duel between Bachou and Kan'u. Together, they will establish the Kingdom of Shoku.

Upon their establishment, they would then start shoring up their resources for the inevitable war against the Kingdom of Gi, so they move to recruit the Nanban Tribe near their area, ruled by Moukaku. With the help of Batai, they tricked the young ruler to fall for several traps until she eventually agrees to become a vassal state of Shoku, supplementing their army with her soldiers.

Soon, Gi makes their move and starts their campaign to unify the country under their rule. Shoku would then form an alliance with Go in an effort to oppose Gi. They would also, together, devise the Three Kingdoms Strategy, a compromise system where all three kingdoms would serve as a check against the others. However, Gi has grown too large and needed to be weakened before they could force them into the strategy.

This would lead to the Battle at Red Cliffs, where the united Shoku and Go army uses tricks and strategy to cut down on Gi's forces. Some time after the battle, Ryuubi would also appeal to Sousou to join the Three Kingdoms Strategy. She agrees.

Together, all three kingdoms (and some outside help, such as Sonken Bundai and Kouso) would then turn their blades against the invading Goko army.

Souten no Haou[]

Son Go no Kechimyaku[]

Shin Koihime†Eiyuutan 4 • 5 • Gaiden[]

Shin Koihime†Eiyuutan 4[]

Shin Koihime†Eiyuutan 5[]

Shin Koihime†Eiyuutan Gaiden[]


Their territory is largely dependent on the route/game they appear in.

They initially would start in Yuushuu, where they begin operations. They would then move to Seishuu and/or Joshuu, in the same general area of Yuushuu.

In Shoku and Gi Route, they migrated and annexed the southwest of the country and Nanban, with their main territory being in Ekishuu.

In the Go Route, they remain the rulers of Joshuu up until their conflict with Go. Afterwards, Ryuubi agreed to govern the western side of the country, while Sonken took the eastern side, leaving Joshuu in Son Go's rule.

In all games set after the formation of the Three Kingdom Alliance (such as Moeshouden or Shin Koihime†Eiyūtan Series, they would generally be the rulers of the southwestern portion of the country.


Name Position Remarks
Ryuubi Gentoku Queen & Founder
Hongou Kazuto Co-Ruler & Founder Only in Shoku Route and Ryuuki no Taibou
Kan'u Unchou General & Founder
Chouhi Yokutoku General & Founder
Bachou Mouki General
Chou'un Shiryuu General
Shokatsuryou Koumei Main Strategist
Houtou Shigen Main Strategist
Kouchuu Kanshou General
Gengan General
Gien Bunchou General
Batai General
Bakyuu General Added in Eiyuutan
Batetsu General Added in Eiyuutan
Bijiku Shichuu General Added in Eiyuutan
Bihou Shihou General Added in Eiyuutan
Sonken Kouyuu Ryuubi's personal maid and bodyguard Added in Eiyuutan
Toutaku Chuuei Maid
Kaku Bunwa Maid


Ryofu Housen General
Chinkyuu Koudai Ryofu's Strategist
Enshou Honsho Freeloader
Bunshuu Enshou's Vassal
Ganryou Enshou's Vassal
Riri Non-Combatant
Kousonsan Hakukei Caretaker of Enshou's Group
Moukaku Freeloader
Mike, Tora & Shamu Moukaku's Vassals
Paya Paya Moukaku's Pet
Baryou Kijou Logistics Officer No Sprite (Mentioned in Moeshouden)
Bashoku Youjou Troop Leader No Sprite (Mentioned in Moeshouden)
Choujin Troop Leader No Sprite (Mentioned in Moeshouden)
Housei Kouchoku Logistics Officer No Sprite (Mentioned in Moeshouden)