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Shin Koihime†Eiyuutan PLUS ~Otome Enran☆Sangokushi Engi~ (真・恋姫†英雄譚 PLUS ~乙女艶乱☆三国志演義~) is a short adult visual novel, released alongside and included in the all-in-one package of Shin Koihime†Eiyuutan 123+PLUS developed and published by BaseSon, and a part of the Koihime†Musou series, specifically the Shin Koihime†Eiyuutan subseries.


There is no combat system involved, and is essentially a collection of short novels focusing on a different set of heroines at a time. Upon starting the game, you are brought into a story selection screen, where you can choose which story you wish to read.

Like its sister series set in the other three kingdoms, it is a collection of three stories, with no combat system implemented. Upon starting the game, you will be prompted to choose among:

  • Moukaku Runs Away from Home  (孟獲、家出する?), Mii's story, featuring Mike, Tora, Shamu, and Pairen.
  • Ei Like a Papa, Yue Like a Mama  (まるで詠パパ、もはや月ママ?), Yue and Ei's story.
  • Those Sweet Days Once More  (あの甘い日々をもう一度?), En'ya's story.



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