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Ryuuhyou is the ruler of the Goko and the main antagonist in the manga Shin Koihime†Musou Gaishi: Ryuusei ga Tsumugu Monogatari (真・恋姫†無双 外史 〜流星ガ紡グ物語〜)


According to Ryuuhyou, she was transported to the Koihime world as a shooting star just like Kazuto. She ended up in a village, marrying a kind man and had a child with him. However, the other villagers, distrusting her identity, took away her child and casted her out of the village. Her husband was killed trying to protect her. After this, Ryuuhyou swore revenge against this world. To accomplish this, she joined the Goko, known for their strength and brutality, and became their chief. Her ultimate goal is for the Koihime world to disappear by invading and destroying China. 



It is implied that she used to be a regular and kind woman. After being consumed by hatred, however, she became extremely ruthless. For sake of revenge she'll even cut down her own soldiers for running away from certain death. She's also known for torturing her captives.

After reuniting with her daughter, some of her maternal emotions return. She reflects upon her path of destruction thus far and decides to call off her invasion.

Skills and Abilities[]

Swordsmanship: She is one of the most powerful characters to appear in the franchise. Though not explicitly shown, she is somehow capable of badly wounding Chou'un and Ryofu and forcing them to retreat. 

Fighting Prowess: In another instance, although for comedic purposes, she sent Chousen flying with a single punch.

Leadership: She is the ruler of the Goko and commands an army of unprecedented size.