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Nagao Miku Kagetora  (長尾 (ながお) 美空 (みく) 景虎 (かげとら)?), or simply known as Miku  (美空 (みく)?), is the head of the Nagao Clan and one of the main female protagonists and main heroines in the Sengoku†Koihime series.




Miku is a tsundere, hiding her embarrassed side with her little harsh words. She really loves her daughter and all family in the clan, and will always protect them, no matter what happens.


Love Interest[]

Nitta Kensuke[]

Miku first meets Kensuke, after she saves Kensuke's Squad from an army of oni, then taking the boy prisoner. At first, she felt that she couldn't trust Kensuke. After that, Kensuke follows Miku into the Nagao Clan. He then saves Kuu from kidnapping as payback for her initial rescue. After that Miku becomes interested in him, and falls in love with Kensuke, especially when she sees his willingness to aid anyone no matter what, whether friend or foe. At the end, she becomes one of his many wives.


Takeda Hikari Harunobu[]

Miku and Hikari were always rivals in war and always fight each other. Miku always assumed that Hikari was her enemy. But after meeting Kensuke, Miku becomes more open around Hikari, finally understanding that Hikari is not dangerous, and the one that always started the conflicts between their two armies is actually Hikari's mother. Hikaru and Miku becomes rivals in love, competing for Kensuke's affection.

 Skills and Abilities[]


She can summon the soul of her sister, becoming a laser that stuns her enemies when passing through them.