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The first game of the series

Koihime†Musou (恋姫†無双 lit. Love Princess†Unmatched) or (恋姫†夢想 lit. Love Princess†Dream) is a series of Japanese adult bishojo alternate historical slapstick romantic comedy visual novels created, developed and published by BaseSon, and distributed by Nexton, and is apart of the Koihime franchise. The series is loosely based on the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and centers around a young man named Hongou Kazuto who arrives to an alternate version of ancient China during the Three Kingdoms period where he meets several historical figures as beautiful girls such as Ryuubi Gentoku, Kan'u Unchou, Sousou Moutoku, Sonken Bundai, Sonsaku Hakufu, and Sonken Chuubou.



The series set in an alternate ancient China during and after the fall of Han dynasty with several major differences compared to the original Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Most notably, most of the characters from the original novel got genderbent, and the ages of the characters go from mid to late teens.
The story starts at the tail end of the Han Dynasty (known as Kan in Japanese), where the civil unrest of the empire results in the warlords that rule the various territories of the empire to grow in power, politically, and most notably, militarily.
The story generally starts at around the Rebellion of the Yellow Turbans and follows the story of Hongou Kazuto, a boy transported from the modern era to this alternate history and joins one of three factions, the factions that will eventually form the titular Three Kingdoms, Shu Han (蜀; Shoku in Japanese), Cao Wei (魏; Gi in Japanese), and Son Wu (吳; Go in Japanese).




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