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Jun'iku Bunjaku  ( (じゅん) (いく) 文若 (ぶんじゃく)? Xun Yu - Wenruo), also know as Keifa  (桂花 (けいふぁ)?), is a strategist of Gi. She is one of the many heroines in the Koihime†Musou series.



Shin Koihime†Musou[]

Gi Route[]

Unlike the first VN, in the second VN she starts out as a supervisor for military provisions. It's revealed that she is an extreme admirer of Sousou and was once a strategist under Enshou. She joins Gi with the intention of becoming Sousou's strategist but was unable to make the request due to the Gi army not recruiting any at the moment. In response she gets Sousou's attention by purposely decreasing the army's rations just before a mission despite the danger of angering Sousou and getting executed. When confronted, she reveals her true intentions and offers herself as the strategist for the next battle. : Impressed by her "test" and her willingness to give her life, Sousou agrees.

Go Route[]

Shoku Route[]


At the conclusion of Moeshouden she is pregnant with Kazuto's child.

Shin Koihime † Eiyuutan []

She gives birth to her and Kazuto's child.

Shin Koihime † Musou -Kakumei-[]

Souten no Haou[]

Son Go no Kechimyaku[]

Ryuuki no Taibou[]

Anime version[]

Sousou's trusted adviser and strategist who wears a cat-eared hood. She has a huge crush on Sousou and does not mind being teased (as a masochist) by her. She has a rivalry with the Kakou sisters for Sousou's attention.



A talented strategist, she is very confident in her abilities, often showing a condescending attitude towards those who don't measure up to her intelligence. She can be extremely sassy and has a very sharp tongue, which she with great proficiency to insult and mock those who she dislikes. She is extremely dedicated to Sousou and will stop at nothing to prove herself in order to earn her lord's affection. This perverted obsession also makes her incredibly jealous, often leading her to clash with whoever Sousou shows affection to, chiefly Kakouton and Kazuto.


She bears a strong hatred towards men. Therefore she is initially very cold towards Kazuto. After Sousou takes a liking to him, she becomes extremely hostile, often showering him with barrages of insults and even trying to set up traps for him to fall into in the second VN. Interestingly, she is the only girl in the series who does not fall in love with him in both VNs. Although, in the second VN, she does eventually comes to recognize Kazuto's abilities. By the end of Moeshouden she becomes pregnant with Kazuto's child.
She is well-known for her strong sexual obsession with Sousou. However unlike Kakouton she is a total masochist, and Sousou is more dominant towards her than anyone else. She will even fail Sousou's orders on purpose in order to be punished. However, Sousou soon finds out the true intentions and orders Kazuto to carry out the punishments so that she will not enjoy them.
She absolutely detests people with large breasts. In Moeshouden she forms the Hinnyuutou ("Lack-Breast Party") to voice her dismay.


  • She's one of the characters to have a cat theme.
  • Her famous foot-licking scene from the VN is changed to licking Sousou's armpit in the anime, however it shows up in the third OVA as one of her fantasies.
  • She has a phobia of bugs, snakes, and other vermin.