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Hongou Kazuto  (北郷 (ほんごう) 一刀 (かずと)?) is the main protagonist of the Koihime†Musou series, and is also the leader and co-founder of the Hongou Faction in the original Koihime † Musou game. He is a modern-day 2nd year student attending St. Francesca Academy, and is mysteriously transported into an alternate world in the Three Kingdoms period of ancient China. In Shin Koihime†Musou and Shin Koihime†Musou -Kakumei-, Kazuto joins one of the three warring kingdoms when first meeting prominent members from one of them depending on the route, and put into a certain role of that kingdom.



He has brown hair and eyes, and is noted to look average, leaning on the handsome side. He is also relatively fit, being active as a Kendo Club player. He usually is first found wearing the St. Francesca Male School Uniform, noted to be rather sparkly due to the material used being polyester, making various people he first meets to assume he's a noble, like Kan'u and Chouhi.


Not much is known about him before his incident other than the fact that he was a normal student and certainly not the most diligent. His family owns a dojo, and it's hinted that he is somewhat competitive, as he said he would like to beat Fuyurugi in kendo one day.
Although he traveled back and sideways into an alternate history, he adapts to his new life quite quickly. He's often regarded as being too carefree and too big a skirt-chaser by almost everyone, but, at the same time, they feel those traits are what make him special. He is quite perverted, but he is also very aware of his standing and could control his impulses accordingly. In contrast to him slacking off all the time and his happy-go-lucky attitude, he is very dependable and can, surprisingly, be hard-working and hot-blooded should the situation arise, especially when it involves people he cares about.
Despite coming from an era of peace, he quickly comes to understand the seriousness of the warfare and civil unrest during the Three Kingdoms era. As a pacifist, seeing people die on the battlefield sickens him at first, but he quickly steels himself and becomes even more determined to bring peace to the land. Likewise, in the first VN, it's that same pacifist nature that causes him to try to get along with people whenever he can, even with the defeated enemies who are trying to kill him. This causes the more serious characters to look at it as a sign of naivety and criticize him. But in time people come to understand his kindness to others and appreciate it, becoming his allies and friends. He carries a strong sense of responsibility for his actions.


He is shown to be fairly open to the idea of sexual relations with his female companions but has shown discomfort in advances made by males like Chousen.

Skills and Abilities[]

Historical Knowledge: He is knowledgeable in Asian history, especially on the Three Kingdoms period. His knowledge of historical events and figures aids him greatly, allowing him to "predict" certain events.

Swordsmanship: He is very skilled in kendo, having trained extensively under his grandfather. Later, he receives some training from several of the heroines, most notably Kan'u. He has shown to be able to defend himself from the average foot soldier. Additionally, in the Gi route of the second VN, he stood his ground quite capably against Kakouton in a sparring match. While a sparring match may not sound like much, the feat becomes much more impressive considering Kakouton does not know how to hold back. He is also shown to fight for a short while several times against several of the female warriors of the cast and is shown to even be able to stop Ryofu for a moment by himself.

High intellect: Since the first visual novel (though with help), he has displayed some ability for domestic affairs and paperwork. He also shows that he is rather capable in strategy, shown during a mock battle where he, with Kan'u and Shokatsuryou fought against Ryuubi and Houtou, wherein his suggestion allowed his side to win. In another route, he also serves as an effective commander for several battles. Similarly, in a mock battle where Kyocho Chuukou and Ten'i as his generals, he manages to achieve victory against Gakushin Bunken, Riten Mansei, and Ukin Bunsoku.

Leadership Skills: He is shown to inspire much influence among his soldiers, notably any female subordinates and companions that are in his group, whether it be his time as a leader of Shoku or a commander in Gi. With the addition of the above-mentioned skills, he is a fairly effective leader, even if he does have to rely on his companions for the fine details.


  • Because of the history in Koihime has several differences from history Kazuto knows, he cannot completely rely on his historical knowledge.
  • Kendo is only a sport, for that reason Kazuto is unprepared for bloodshed and largely useless in real combat.
  • He can be a bit of a slacker during times of peace. While he would still do the work assigned to him, he will often ditch them when he feels that it's become too much.
  • He's shown some perverted tendencies, although it generally doesn't affect his decision making.


  • Due to the VN being narrated through his perspective, he doesn't have character sprites.
    • He only appears in person during CGs
  • First VN's harem end for the PS2 version does not have him traveling back to the present day. 
  • The Moeshouden website held several polls, one of which asked fans which male character they would like to see in a bridal gown. Kazuto came first with 6,047 votes. By comparison, Kada, who got second place, only received 1,210. As the winner of the poll, an official poster was made showing an embarrassed Kazuto wearing a bridal gown while several members of the female cast surround him wearing tuxedos.
  • The Hongou was a branch family of the historically famous Shimazu Clan, as shown in the first VN where Kazuto's banners carry the Shimazu cross.
  • While he's athletic, he hates machine exercises and can't do backflips. 
  • His nephew, Nitta Kensuke, is the main character of the next Koihime game: Sengoku†Koihime ~Otome Kenran ☆ Sengoku Emaki~.
    • In this series, it's revealed that Kazuto managed to bring everyone to the modern world with him, including Chousen.
  • Takahiro Mizushima, his voice actor in the drama CDs, also voices Akihito Hayasaka, the main character of Harukoi Otome, in its H-anime adaptation.
  • For unknown reasons, he is omitted from the anime adaptation.
  • In Kakumei ~Son Go~ his fighting power was valued as 30.