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The Hongou Faction is a faction led by Hongou Kazuto. It serves as one of the three major factions in the original Koihime†Musou. It is one of the three kingdoms that reigned after the fall of the Kan Dynasty, alongside Sou Gi and Son Go.

In the second game, Shin Koihime†Musou, with the addition of routes where Kazuto joins Sou Gi and Son Go, as well as the introduction of Ryuubi Gentoku (whom Kazuto was serving as a stand-in for), the Hongou Faction no longer serves as a faction and has been replaced by Shoku. However, material for Koihime†Musou will tacitly acknowledge that this faction will sometimes be referred to as Shoku regardless, and a majority of its personnel is based off of the historical Shu Han, such as co-founders Kan'u and Chouhi.


  • To unite the country to quell the era of war that has befallen the end of the Kan.
  • To fulfill the orders and commands of Hongou Kazuto and prevent harm from befalling him.
  • To oppose the White Clothed Army from destroying the alternate history in which the Empire exists.


The faction's emblem is that of the cross of the Shimazu Clan of Japan, albeit stylized, which serves as Kazuto's mark throughout the series, and flown by his soldiers. The Hongou Family is descended from a branch family of said Shimazu Clan.



Due to Hongou Kazuto replacing Ryuubi in history, his Hongou Faction serves as the equivalent of Shoku in the first VN.
In the first VN, Kan'u and Chouhi were told of a prophecy by Kanrou stating the arrival of the Heavenly Messenger that will bring peace to the country. They soon found Kazuto fending off some bandits, and they immediately help the boy fight them off. After introductions, and Kazuto's vehement denial of being the Heavenly Messenger, they arrived upon a ravaged town, who recently had the Yellow Turban Army attack them. Seeing the devastation, Kazuto agreed to at least pretend to be the Heavenly Messenger to inspire hope to the people. Rallying a small army of men, the young army managed to fend off another attack of the Yellow Turban Army. In gratefulness to their saviors and anger against the Kan administration for not dealing with the Yellow Turban Army, the city gave Kazuto the position of Chief Magistrate of the district of Yuushuu, the same district that Ryuubi historically was born in.
Soon, a messenger from Kousonsan arrives to ask for aid. The budding faction rallies together and aids the White Horse General, with Shokatsuryou Koumei joining them on the way, as well as first meeting Chou'un.
The Yellow Turban Army eventually fell, and peace soon came to the land. However, this didn't last and rumors of tyranny from the Prime Minister, Toutaku Chuuei, reached their ears, as well as a letter, inviting the faction to join an alliance of rulers to oppose the tyrannical rule of Toutaku, dubbed the Anti-Toutaku Alliance.
Looked down on for being the weakest force, the faction faced great troubles in all the battles, leading to the capital of the empire, Rakuyou. In the Battle at Shisui Gate, they were relegated to the rear guard. However, as it turned out, General Kayuu had decided to leave the gate to set up an ambush against the Alliance, attacking the weak Hongou Army. They managed to fend the general off, but Kayuu still managed to return to Shisui Gate's fortress. The battle continued to rage on, making the leader of the Alliance, Enshou became impatient and ordered the Hongou Army to charge into the melee at the vanguard. Following their orders, they were suddenly became the sole vanguard when both Gi and Go retreated. Kan'u manages to kill Kayuu soon afterward, earning the Alliance their victory.
In the Battle at Korou Gate, they were forced to become the vanguard by Enshou, using Kan'u's victory in Shisui Gate as an excuse, and threatening the significantly weaker army into agreeing to the position. Go and Gi both placed their respective armies in the rearguard. Kazuto forcibly made negotiations to improve the odds of his army making it through the fight alive. First, he requested soldiers from each camp to supplement his own. Second, he requested to be simply used as bait to lure the enemy out, and have the other armies charge once Ryofu, the Lead General of Korou Gate, leaves to attack. Enshou conceded to these agreements. Shokatsuryou quickly turned the plan so that they would retreat as soon as the ally armies have charged, taking revenge towards Gi and Go for what happened at Shisui Gate. Once Gi and Go were the vanguard, the Hongou Army quickly rejoined the fray, and were the first ones to break down the gate and charge into the fortress. There Kan'u and Chouhi fought Ryofu. Koumei quickly planned to use a net to catch Ryofu. With the capture of the General Ryofu, the battle of Korou Gate ended. Ryofu decides to join the Hongou Army, after the army agrees to pay her enough to feed her pets.
Although they were instrumental to the wins to both gates, they were weakened significantly, but were still sent as advance scouts to the capital. This is where they first encountered strange people dressed in white, revealing that the supposed Toutaku Tyranny was just a way to lure Kazuto into the capital in order to kill him. At the end of it, Kazuto decides to shelter the former Chancellor of State, Toutaku, and her friend and strategist, Kaku Bunwa. They, alongside Chousen, became part of the budding Hongou Faction.
After the battle, Kazuto's territory was soon under attack by Enshou, after Kousonsan's death. Before they started marching, Bachou arrived, asking to join the army, seeking revenge after Gi's invasion resulted in the death of her father Batou Jusei. The faction agrees to take her in, but tells her that they aren't strong enough to fight Gi yet, which Bachou acknowledged, and she joins the fight against Enshou.
After fending off a few attacks from Enshou, the Enshou's army soon retreated after news arrived that Gi made an attack on Kishuu, Enshou's home territory. However, seeking to completely end the threat of Enshou returning, the Hongou Army pursued. Enshou decided to take Riri, the daughter of Kouchuu, hostage to force the neutral veteran warlord to fight the Hongou Faction. Riri was soon rescued by the combined forces of Chouhi and a wandering Chou'un. Both Chou'un and Kouchuu joins the Hongou Faction, in the aftermath. They continued in the pursuit of Enshou, and soon captured Enshou's main base at Nanpi, leaving Enshou and her two retainers wandering with no home.
With only three factions remaining, the Hongou Faction, Sousou's Gi, and Sonken's Go, the three were almost set to clash. The Hongou Faction decided to take the first move by attacking Gi first. Although they planned to do this discreetly, Ukitsu of the White Clothes leaked their plan to both Gi and Go camps. Despite this, the Hongou Faction managed to secure a victory and begin their march against Gi.
The battle against Gi was fierce. After their second victory against Gi, they soon retreated after Gi cut off their supply route, with Chouhi serving as an effective rearguard, allowing them to successfully make their retreat.
Go soon sends Daikyou and Shoukyou to form an alliance with Hongou, with the two serving as political hostages in the case that Go turns on them. The two armies attacked Gi in parallel, aiming to split the army apart. With Go's help, Gi is forced into a corner. It came to a head when Gi's personnel, Kakouton, Kakouen, Jun'iku and Kyocho approached the army, begging for them to save Sousou, who became enslaved by Ukitsu's Brainwashing. With the aid of the three Gi Generals and the Gi Strategist, they managed to defeat the enslaved Gi Army. With their help with Sousou's rescue, Sousou considers herself indebted to the Hongou Faction, and she surrenders her territories to them. With this, Gi became subordinate to the Hongou Faction.
It was set to be peaceful, with the two remaining armies of Hongou and Son Go being allies, but Ukitsu managed to convince Shuuyu Koukin, strategist of Go, to start conflict between the two armies. The two remaining factions broke off alliance and began warring with each other. But when Shuuyu's treachery was revealed, Go's army quickly fell into two camps. Those who stayed with Shuuyu and those who joined Sonken in surrender to the Hongou Faction. The Hongou Faction quickly began marching towards the capital of Go and defeats the army there, only to find Shuuyu burning down the throne room.
With this, the entire country were ruled by the Hongou Faction. Peace finally came to the land, but a new faction soon emerged: the white clothed faction of Saji and Ukitsu. Hongou quickly came into conflict with them. However, due to the them seemingly having endless troops, his army found themselves in a tight spot, only for them to be saved by the Gi and Go forces.
At the aftermath of this battle, Kazuto returns to his home world, alongside one or more officers in the faction. It is unknown what happens to the country afterwards.


Name Position Remarks
Hongou Kazuto Leader & Founder
Kan'u Unchou General & Founder
Chouhi Yokutoku General & Founder
Bachou Mouki General
Chou'un Shiryuu General
Kouchuu Kanshou General
Shokatsuryou Koumei Strategist
Ryofu Housen Fighter/Guard
Toutaku Chuuei Maid Granted Asylum by Kazuto
Kaku Bunwa Maid Granted Asylum by Kazuto
Chousen Dancer/ Advisor
Chouryou Bun'en Captive General Captured from Gi
All of Gi's Personnel Conquered Territory Upon Sousou's Surrender
All of Go's Personnel Conquered Territory Upon Sonken's Surrender
Riri Non-Combatant