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Go  ( ()? Wú) is one of the three kingdoms in China ruled by Sonken Bundai, and one of the three major factions in the Koihime†Musou series.




Before the introduction of the Go Faction, both Sonken Bundai and the eldest daughter Sonsaku Hakufu, have passed away, leaving the second child, Sonken Chuubou, to be the leader of Go. Shuuyu Koukin, after Sonsaku's death, became the younger Sonken's chief strategist and adviser.
The Go Faction is first encountered in the VN during the war against Toutaku Chuuei, serving as a major army in the Anti-Toutaku Alliance. During the battle at Shisui Pass, they were among the vanguard. However, upon noticing Gi retreating in order to allow the charging Hongou Faction to become bait to lure the general Kayuu out and attack, they quickly followed suit, leaving the Hongou Army to bear the brunt of the damage.
Upon reaching Korou Gate, the Go Army placed their army in the Rear Guard, joined by Gi, citing heavy losses among their army as their reason. However, as the battle at Korou Gate progressed, upon Kazuto's request, they were made to charge. While they are charging, the Hongou Army quickly retreated, turning the same tactic used against them onto both Gi and Go armies. They quickly reorganized their armies and began their own attack. Afterwards, they were ordered to retreat under Sonken's order. Shuuyu argued against this, stating that Sonsaku would have chosen fame and attacked alongside Gi and Hongou. Sonken stalwartly refused, causing a rift between her and the strategist to emerge.
After the events at Rakuyou, they returned to their homeland. Aiming for their own conquest of the country, they set forth to annex the lands south of Koutou, eventually making a respectable kingdom at the southeast of the continent. Soon, Ukitsu gave them information of the Hongou Army's decision to invade Gi. They wait for news of which side is winning before they decide on who to ally with.
After two victories from the Hongou Army, Go decides to ally with the smaller country, hoping to bring down Gi's threat. They send Sonsaku and Shuuyu wives, Daikyou and Shoukyou to serve as messengers, as well as political hostages as assurance of non-betrayal. The two were also given a second task by Shuuyu to try and seduce Hongou Kazuto.
After negotiations between the two are completed, Go and Hongou attack the army of Gi in parallel. With the help of Go, Hongou manages to defeat Gi, splitting the continent between the two kingdoms.
With the alliance between the two countries maintained, the two countries soon found themselves seemingly being attacked by the other country. It turns out that Ukitsu had convinced Shuuyu to begin a war with Hongou, using the strategist's wish to see Sonsaku's dream of conquest come into fruition. At the knowledge of her trusted adviser's betrayal, Sonken soon surrendered to Hongou's army after their defeat.
The battle against Hongou soon resulted in defeat for Shuuyu's renegade faction, and the strategist was soon found to have set the throne room on fire, dying in the flames. With this, Go became fully under the control of the Hongou Faction.
Go remains under Sonken's control, as Hongou has delegated the rule of the territory to her, and she soon aids in the battle against the White Clothes, leading her army to decimate the enemy's seemingly never ending forces.

Shin Koihime†Musou[]

Shoku Route[]

In this route, the Go Army serves more or less as a supporting faction to the plot, as they focus more on achieving independence from Enjutsu, and their own path of conquest.

Gi Route[]

In this route, the Go Army serves as a secondary opposing faction, as Gi's primary opponent is the Shoku army.

Go Route[]

In this route, the Go Army serves as the main protagonist faction, as Kazuto first appears to Sonsaku.

Moe Shouden[]

The continent is united under the rule of the Three Kingdoms of Shoku, Gi, and Go, each country respectively ruled by Ryuubi, Sousou, and Sonken, with Kazuto as the lynchpin and symbol. The leaders and key personnel of the Three Kingdoms, however, all live in a single centralized area, only leaving their trusted seconds to do the management of the territories, in order to remain close to Kazuto.

Shin Koihime†Eiyuutan[]

Shin Koihime†Musou -Kakumei-[]

Son Go no Kechimyaku[]

Souten no Haou[]

Ryuuki no Taibou []

Shin Koihime†Eiyuutan 4 • 5 • Gaiden[]

Shin Koihime†Eiyuutan 4[]

Shin Koihime†Eiyuutan 5[]

Shin Koihime†Eiyuutan Gaiden[]



Name Position Remarks
Sonken Bundai Queen & Founder Deceased in K†M and Shin K†M
Sonsaku Hakufu Crown Princess Queen in Shin K†M; deceased in K†M
Sonken Chuubou Princess Queen in K†M, Crown Princess in Shin K†M, Conclusion of Shin K†M Go Route, Moeshouden
Sonshoukou Princess
Shuuyu Koukin Strategist
Rikuson Hakugen Strategist
Kannei Kouha General & Sonken's Bodyguard
Daikyou Entertainer Missing in Shin K†M
Shoukyou Entertainer Missing in Shin K†M
Kougai Koufuku Veteran General
Ryomou Shimei Strategist
Shuutai Youhei General & Kannei's Subordinate
Hongou Kazuto Heavenly Messenger Only in Shin K†M Go Route and Shin K†M - Kakumei ~Son Go no Kechimyaku~
Teifu Tokubou General Added in Eiyuutan
Taishiji Shigi General Added in Eiyuutan
Roshuku Shikei Strategist Added in Eiyuutan
Choushou Shifu Strategist Added in Eiyuutan