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Batō Jusei  (馬騰 寿成? , Ma Teng - Shoucheng) is the head of the Ba Family, and warlord of Ryōshū.



Bachō's father, he is first mentioned as fighting for the anti-Tōtaku alliance. He is later killed fighting Sōsō when she invaded his territory in Ryōshū. Bachō to join Kazuto in order to avenge his death.

Shin Koihime†Musō[]

In the second VN, Batō gets genderbent to female.

Shoku Route[]

Gi Route[]

In the Gi route she is first mentioned as the ruler of Ryōshū (Liang Province) who will be attending the anti-Tōtaku conference. However she could not attend personally due to unrest in her territory. Instead she sends Bachō as representative. After the war, Sōsō tries to have her join Gi, but she refuses. She commits suicide by ingesting poison shortly after Sōsō defeats her army and takes over the city.

Go Route[]

Anime version[]

Bachō's father, he was a martial artist who took great pride in his practice.
During a banquet held by Kashin, a duel between him and Sōsō is proposed. However, Sōsō declines, commenting on how Batō is unsteady on his feet from drinking too much. Trying to be tough, Batō stands up only to wobble and fall back down, causing the other guests to laugh at him. Embarrassed, he silently continues drinking. Later he passes out on his horse and falls, suffers a head wound, and dies shortly afterwards. Before dying, Batō asks Kakōton (who was there when he fell) to hide how he died in order to keep his honor, however this causes a rumor that he was killed by Sōsō's orders, which causes Bachō's initial hatred against Sōsō.